Why is it a good time to visit Laos in April/May?

Why should you visit Laos in April/May?

Boun Pi Mai (14 April -16 April)

It’s Laos New Year “Boun Pi Mai” on 14 April to 16 April this year in 2017 and it is a year of Rooster!

“sôk di pi mai!”

It is the time when the Lao celebrates the start of their Lunar calendar year and this festival makes one of the best time to visit Laos.

The celebration last for three days in mid-April, houses are cleaned, perfume and flowers are prepared for the celebration, people wear new clothes and Buddha images are polished with holy water. This is the celebration of the Laos New Year and is a combination of merriment and meditation. Laos New Year is celebrated with parades, dancing, singing and enthusiastic water splashing. The festival celebrated in Luang Prabang have the strongest religious aspect of Buddhism and the new year is celebrated for 3 weeks, where Buddha images are worshiped with water pouring ceremonies. Offerings are made at temples and small sand Stupas or stone are built in temple courtyard and on the banks of the Mekong River to request health and happiness in the New Year.

Boun Visakha Bu Saar – Full Moon (1st May )

Starting on the day of the sixth lunar month, this celebration commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana (death) of Buddha. Visitors can participate in chanting and sermonize at night followed by beautiful candlelight processions.


Boun Bang Fai “Rocket Festival” (May to June)

Various villages throughout the country take part in one that most boisterous festivals on the Lao calendar. This festival dated back to pre-Buddhist times and featuring home-made rockets that are fired into the clouds to ask for rain as well as it amidst a great deal of raucous

Chanting, religious instruction, and candlelit processions highlight this temple festival in celebration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Lord Buddha.

With its origins in pre-Buddhist rain-invoking ceremonies, this festival now coincides with the Laos Visakha Puja celebrations. Parades, songs, dances and partying all lead to an explosive climax as huge, ornate, homemade bamboo rockets are blessed and fired into the skies to seek for rains. Rocket-makers earn both merit and honour if their creations fly high, otherwise, the fail rocket makers will be thrown into the ponds and muds for punishment.


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